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E-Challenge is a revolutionary learning platform that will enable you to scale, embed and sustain inclusive behaviour across your organisation!

Thousands of people have used E-Challenge to develop the skills to leverage diversity of thinking, create engagement and belonging, and counteract biases.

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E-Challenge offers the largest library of inclusion content. Learning Bytes are 10 minutes long, the perfect length for ensuring learners stay engaged whilst having meaningful, memorable interactions. Our Learning Bytes cover:

Diverse Talent

Explore the impact and value add of different kinds of diversity


Develop skills to build inclusion into everyday interactions

Diversity of Thought

Learn techniques to leverage diversity of thought

Unconscious Bias

Understand and counteract unconscious bias with practical techniques

Psychological Safety

Learn how to promote psychological safety in your team


Bust flexibility myths and develop a team-based approach to flexible working


Preventing bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation

Learn more about one of these topics

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

At the same time as users learn about inclusive behaviour, E-Challenge collects data about their perceptions, attitudes and team inclusion culture, generating ongoing insights into the state of inclusion in your organisation

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